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Connecticut: Revolutionary or Not?

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Well, the launch of Connecticut’s new marketing slogan has certainly provoked much discussion in the tourism/arts & culture communities in this state. From what we’re seeing, the consensus is – meh, it’s better than nothing, but “revolutionary?” The Land of Steady Habits? Besides, as we heard on Where We Live yesterday, Connecticut’s Revolutionary War heritage is neither exciting, important, or anything we’re best known for.

Over here at, we’re 1) amused that a group of small, mostly all-volunteer historical societies and sites came up with an idea ahead of professional marketing firms; and 2) no disrespect to all other periods of Connecticut’s history, we’re going to dispel the myth once and for all that “nothing happened here” during the War of Independence.

Mostly, it’s lack of awareness. What we know is that Connecticut was literally the front line of defense – militarily and politically and domestically – but our visitors and our citizens don’t know it. In a state with great thematic tourism trails – we even have a maple syrup trail – there is no Revolutionary history trail.

But all that’s about to change. Welcome, with a great logo, teeny budget, and tremendous enthusiasm for a neglected subject. We’re not setting goals for economic development, we’re just sharing what we have and know with the people who live, work, and spend time in Connecticut. Yep, it’s a revolutionary idea.