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Keep up the momentum!

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When our consortium came up with the idea for, we wanted to bring together all the people, organizations, and places that care about and promote Connecticut’s Revolutionary War heritage, because, honestly, it’s a pretty small state. We can work together much more effectively than we can apart. Now that we have a brand and a “home,” we’re starting to see exactly the effect we hoped for: growing interest in participating with us, and growing interest among members of the public in what exactly it is we’re talking about.

We’ve made the commitment to launching this site, and we’re committing to keeping it growing. Please be sure to share information about your special events, your Featured Places, your stories of Revolutionary Connecticut heritage. Tell all your friends: people are beginning to pay attention.

A big huzzah to everyone who has contributed content so far, and keep it coming!

Abraham Davenport, 1716-1789

Abraham Davenport, 1716-1789
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Born in Stamford, Davenport graduated from Yale in 1732.His first wife was Elizabeth Huntington (daughter of Jabez
Huntington of Windham) whom he married in 1750. Elizabeth had five children before her death in 1773. In 1776 Davenport married Mrs. Martha Fitch.

Davenport served as a Stamford selectman from 1746 until 1777 and then served as town treasurer for two years as well as serving as a deacon in the First Congregational Church of Stamford from 1759 until 1789.

Davenport served as a representative in the General Assembly from 1747 to 1766 and was then elected to the upper house where he served until 1784. He served on the Council of Safety from 1777 until 1783. During the New York campaign, Davenport cared for sick soldiers returning home. He housed many in his own house and found housing and care for many more.

September 1, 1777

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Daniel Bissell is promoted to sergeant and transferred to the 2nd Connecticut Regiment as a result of consolidation of units.

April 1, 1777

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Daniel Bissell reenlists as a corporal in the 5th Connecticut Regiment.

March 18, 1766

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Parliament repeals the Stamp Act.