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August 13, 1781

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Under direct orders from George Washington, Daniel Bissell feigns desertion from the army.

November 21, 1780

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Major Benjamin Tallmadge, classmate of Nathan Hale, commands a crew of 2nd CT Light Dragoons who row eight whaleboats across Long Island Sound to raid a British supply depot at Ft. George, Mastic, Long Island NY. Sgt. Elijah Churchill, from Newington CT leads one of three groups of men, who capture 300 prisoners and burn several supply vessels and more than 300 tons of hay. Thereafter, the British are forced to rely on fodder shipped from England.

April 1780

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Gold Selleck Silliman is given back to the colonists in exchange for the captured British official, Thomas Jones.

July 7-8, 1779

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British forces (54th Regiment of Foot, King’s American Regiment) raid Fairfield as they marched towards the town green.  They burned many buildings during their march, destroying 97 homes, 17 barns, 48 stores, and various other structures.  The aftermath was extensive, and the town’s economy never completely bounced back from the devastation.

July 2, 1779

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British General Tryon leaves New York with 2,600 troops for New Haven.  Raids were planned to attack rebels in Connecticut towns along the cost. It was also thought that another motive for the raids was to lure General Washington onto better fighting terrain.

May 2, 1779

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Gold Selleck Silliman is taken from his home in Fairfield by loyalist raiders, along with his son, and transported across the Sound to Long Island, where he was held prisoner.

September 1, 1777

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Daniel Bissell is promoted to sergeant and transferred to the 2nd Connecticut Regiment as a result of consolidation of units.

July 8, 1777

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OLIVER CROMWELL under the command of Seth Harding captures brigantine HONOUR.

March 25, 1777

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William Coit is discharged from service as OLIVER CROMWELL’s captain, due to a lack of confidence in him among the officers and crew.

August 2, 1776

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Roger Sherman, Samuel Huntington, Oliver Wolcott, and William Williams sign the Declaration of Independence for Connecticut.