Book Trailers & the Revolution

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Have you discovered the phenomenon of the book trailer yet? If not, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a short video “preview” of a book’s content & style, designed to inspire you to Like, Follow, and hopefully buy.

Book trailers have been around for fiction for a few years now, but they’re starting to become the norm for non-fiction, too. Here, for example, is the link to the trailer for Reporting the Revolution, a new book coming out November 1, 2012.

With the advent of digital stock photography, high-quality editing software, and YouTube, producing really snazzy videos has become ridiculously easy and cheap (by comparison to just 5-10 years ago). So, here’s our thought: if the book industry can do it, why not others in the cultural sector? Why not museum/historical society/history organization trailers? Why don’t we make a trailer for Revolutionary Connecticut?

What do you think?

Reporting the Revolution

Reenactors/Costumed Guides Needed!

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Derby Historical Society is looking to hire a few new costumed, museum docents for their Day in 1762 program in the childhood home of David Humphreys (Aide-de-camp to George Washington). This is seasonal, part-time, paid work. Please send resume to Julia Baldini, Executive Director at Thank you!!

CT Needs a Revolutionary Trail?

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Recently, the Norwich Bulletin suggested that Connecticut needs a Revolutionary War “trail,” a pathway of sites and organizations that have ties to our state’s Revolutionary history.

That’s exactly what we’ve felt for some time now! Thus, we created this nifty web site. But here’s where we need your help: tell all your friends. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Make sure the Powers That Be know about and its sponsoring organizations.

We’re in this for the long haul. The Revolution wasn’t won in a day, right? (1775-1783, in case you were wondering.) We can fight for what’s important, and we need every assistance we can get.

Happy Fourth!

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Happy Independence Day to all our readers and fans!

As you probably know, we’re working on a Timeline of Connecticut During the Revolution, and as we’ve been assembling facts and dates, we’ve been struck by how often July 4 seems to come up. It’s probably coincidence, but since in another life we write speculative fiction, we can’t help feeling that behind the coincidence lies some greater significance.

Here are a few of the July 4’s we’ve found:

1768: Jonathan Trumbull writes that disputes between the colonies are discouraging, and that, “The Clouds seem to thicken up and Blacken upon us…”

1773: Connecticut forms its own Committee of Correspondence.

1775: Benjamin Tallmadge writes to Nathan Hale to encourage him to join the army.

Know of any others? Drop us a line!


Keep up the momentum!

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When our consortium came up with the idea for, we wanted to bring together all the people, organizations, and places that care about and promote Connecticut’s Revolutionary War heritage, because, honestly, it’s a pretty small state. We can work together much more effectively than we can apart. Now that we have a brand and a “home,” we’re starting to see exactly the effect we hoped for: growing interest in participating with us, and growing interest among members of the public in what exactly it is we’re talking about.

We’ve made the commitment to launching this site, and we’re committing to keeping it growing. Please be sure to share information about your special events, your Featured Places, your stories of Revolutionary Connecticut heritage. Tell all your friends: people are beginning to pay attention.

A big huzzah to everyone who has contributed content so far, and keep it coming!

Allied Native Reenactor Looking for Events

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We’ve been contacted by a reenactor who portrays an Allied Native solider from Stockbridge, MA. He’s looking for events in Connecticut in which to participate. Contact us if you’re interested!

Connecticut: Revolutionary or Not?

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Well, the launch of Connecticut’s new marketing slogan has certainly provoked much discussion in the tourism/arts & culture communities in this state. From what we’re seeing, the consensus is – meh, it’s better than nothing, but “revolutionary?” The Land of Steady Habits? Besides, as we heard on Where We Live yesterday, Connecticut’s Revolutionary War heritage is neither exciting, important, or anything we’re best known for.

Over here at, we’re 1) amused that a group of small, mostly all-volunteer historical societies and sites came up with an idea ahead of professional marketing firms; and 2) no disrespect to all other periods of Connecticut’s history, we’re going to dispel the myth once and for all that “nothing happened here” during the War of Independence.

Mostly, it’s lack of awareness. What we know is that Connecticut was literally the front line of defense – militarily and politically and domestically – but our visitors and our citizens don’t know it. In a state with great thematic tourism trails – we even have a maple syrup trail – there is no Revolutionary history trail.

But all that’s about to change. Welcome, with a great logo, teeny budget, and tremendous enthusiasm for a neglected subject. We’re not setting goals for economic development, we’re just sharing what we have and know with the people who live, work, and spend time in Connecticut. Yep, it’s a revolutionary idea.